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You had a booth a few years back (two?) at the Chili Festival in Belfast. I tried a sample and have been hooked ever since. I get it at Shop and Save in Belfast and eat it with a spoon directly from the container. The flavor is too good to bite food. This spring I was at a brew tasting party at Andy’s in Lincolnville and one of the snacks was salsa. The salsa tasted a little like yours and it was the second best salsa I have ever had. I was pretty excited to think that someone was able to make salsa almost as good as yours. No wonder I liked it! Don’t ever stop making this great product. I look forward to my weekly treat!
Sincerely, Ellen P.

We had a party this weekend and served your wonderful salsa! It was a big hit! Everyone was asking me for the recipe (since it tastes so fresh they thought I had made it myself!) It is the only salsa I will buy from now on! Thank you!

Hello from a few coves over – Sisters Salsa is TOO GOOD! I make excuses to put it on everything. You could just about pour it in a glass and drink the stuff!!! Congratulations on your success!


My boyfriend and his family and I were recently vacationing near Sanford, Maine. On our way into the lake we stopped at the store and saw your salsa. What a GREAT find it was. Your salsa is the best I’ve ever had!! We are from Rochester, New Hampshire.

I wanted to let you know that my wife and I love your salsa. We were so pleased when we finally found your product at ShopnSave so that we could get it at home (Durham, Me.) We always serve your salsa when we are having friends or relatives over and have not had a complaint yet. I’m sure that we have earned you many new customers that way.
Sincerely, David Allard

I just came across your salsa at a small farm stand, tried it, and immediately became addicted. By far the best salsa I have ever had. THANK YOU!
Beverly D.

Can I just tell you how great your salsa is? My fiance thinks I spend way too much money on the stuff…should I not marry him? Please advise…

WAHOO! The best Salsa ever. Fresh and YUMMY. Thank you!

WOW!! We must say this is the best salsa we have ever had! Great Job, keep it up!!
The Sweeneys

Just wanted all of you guys who make that awesome salsa to know I love you all! I parked next to this guy at the grocery store in Old Town and he game me some free salsa. I’ve been hooked ever since! Thanks for the yummy, healthy snack. Keep up the good work and never stop making your tasty stuff. Thanks again!
Katie T.

P.S. I’ve gotten all of my friends hooked too!
P.S.S. My mom says thanks too!

Just wanted to let you know how much my partner and I like your salsa (although I’m not sure I can put it into words). We use it on everything we can. We put it in our breakfast burritos, chick pea and hominy stew, beans and rice, with tortilla chips…

Cheers, Victoria

I have found a new addiction in your salsa! Recently I was diagnosed with having heart disease, so I had to change my diet to low fat and low sodium. The low fat had never been a problem before, but I had never paid attention to the sodium in food… WOW! Not being much of a vegetable person, I had to increase that as well. Gratefully, I get the best of both worlds in your product.

Just wanted to let you know how much my family enjoyed your fresh salsa. We like to endorse Maine based products and yours is great!

I was just on vacation up in Meredith NH and bought your salsa in the grocery store. Everyone loved it… I was just wondering if it was sold anywhere around where I live. That would be Westford, Ma. I would be so happy if you could help me out. It is the best salsa i’ve ever had. Thank you in advance..
Debbie H.

I recently became acquainted with your salsa when I was on vacation in Maine and quickly became a fan. I brought some back with me to NYC and am about to run out. I was wondering if any stores in Manhattan or anywhere in the five boroughs carry your salsa. I was also interested if you ship your product to individual customers.
Thank you very much for the information.
Greg C.
P.S. I only know of your salsa. Do you make anything else?

I feel so fortunate to live in that little pocket of NH where your product is available! I fancy myself as quite the self-made gourmet and I judge your salsa the best on all counts. I am going to quit trying and keep buying.
Kate T.

My name is Lisa and I just recently tried your salsa and I just wanted to say, I think it is the best I have tried to date. My kids don’t like it but, I say great. That means all the more for me. The owner of the marked here in Unity Maine, suggested I try your salsa about a month ago and I’m very glad I did. It is wonderful!! Keep up the good work. It is nice to have something out there on the market that is natural and fresh. Thanks again.

I tried your salsa this summer because I needed to try something new. And, well, I am hooked! It is the best salsa I have ever eaten (and I’m not really into spicy things). It’s wonderful! Keep up the excellent work.
Sarah B.

That’s some damn fine salsa. I have on heck of a time finding it here in Mass. but when I do it goes very quick. All my friends count on me bringing Sisters Salsa when we have a few beers. Thanks for making such a good product without all the junk. It’s a refreshing change from the Frito Lay gunk.
Best of luck,
Jon, Boston Mass.

This is the best Salsa I’ve ever had…Keep making it I’m an addict.


This Salsa is some really good, fresh, healthy stuff. I’ve had salsa all around this fine country and yours is definitely the top three. Keep up the good work!
Steve R.

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